Should You Upgrade To Fibre Broadband?

Hi Folks,

As COMEX 2012 starts today, I believe many of you will be wondering if you Should You Upgrade To Fibre Broadband, right?

Over the years, I’ve upgraded from Singnet 6mbps ADSL to 10mbps ADSL to the current 100mbps Singtel exPlore Home 100.

I’ve been using the 100mbps Singtel exPlore Home 100 since Nov 2011 … so was the upgrade from a Singnet 10mbps ADSL to Fibre worth it?

Should You Upgrade To Fibre Broadband?

Well … it really depends on what you do with your internet connection.

Fibre Broadband For Gamers

If you are a gamer … I think it’s pretty worth the upgrade to fibre as the ping time can be really good … as long as the server is based locally.

For example, when I play Battlefield 3, the ping can be as low as single digit milliseconds if I select a local server. When I was on Singnet 10mbps ADSL, I could not get such a low ping … the best I could get is between 50 – 100 milliseconds.

But when I play Diablo 3 where the server is located in the US, the ping is usually between 200 – 300 milliseconds.

If you are not a gamer then you probably won’t be overly worried about ping time cos a webserver responding in 5 ms or 200 ms won’t kill your character :)


Speedtest - Singtel exPlore Home 100


Fibre Broadband For General Surfing The Web

If you just use your internet connectivity to read blogs, forums, socialize on facebook, twitter, read news, etc … it’s a little faster, especially with local websites but it’s just that … a little faster.

I wouldn’t have paid more monthly fee for that “a little faster”


Fibre Broadband For Watching Youtube

If you are heavily into Youtube or love to surf similar video sharing sites … your videos should buffer faster so it play back sooner.

But I find that 10mbps is already pretty fast and I seldom encounter choppy videos even when I watch Youtube on my old Singnet 10mbps ADSL.

So the benefits aren’t that great either.


Fibre Broadband For Mass Downloading

Downloading via File Sharing Site is a mixed bag … some sites are faster after the upgrade to fibre but some site that used to be fast slowed to a crawl.

So the speed you get might actually be limited by the server you are downloading from.


Speedtest, Singapore To US

Speedtest, Singapore To US


Fibre Broadband For Uploaders

If there is one group of people who will love Fibre … it’s uploaders.

It used to take forever to upload images to my blog when I was on my old Singnet 10mbps ADSL … that’s because it’s upload speed was limited at 756kbps (if I recall correctly).

But on fibre … there is no such restriction so I could actually upload at speed close to 50mbps to a local site … that’s over 50 times faster upload speed.

Even uploading to a US site is faster on Fibre than on ADSL (refer to image above, 2..9mbps is almost 4 times faster than 756kbps).

So I would imaging folks love to upload stuffs will benefit greatly from an upgrade to Fibre



So Should You Upgrade To Fibre Broadband?

Well … if you are a gamer or your activity on the internet involves a lot of uploading? Definitely.

The benefits would also be great if you surfing mainly local websites (i.e. you visit mostly sites in Singapore)

Otherwise, you may experience only minor improvement in speed and sometimes you might even end up with a slower download speed from file sharing sites.

Ultimately, it’s your call … but these are my experience after using a 100mbps Fibre Broadband for about 10 months upgrading from a 10mbps ADSL Broadband.


Hope this article helps you decide if you Should Upgrade To Fibre Broadband or not!




  1. hi james
    i upgraded from starhub cable broadband 50 mbps to fibre braodband 100 mbps and i find that fibre is slower than cable and becos of the hype given over fibre made the switch and found that newly bot router also cannot use not compatible
    better to just stick to cable broadband
    best rgds

    • Hey Hozefa,

      Actually, your 50mbps cable shd be very fast for most internet activities already. Moving to 100Mbps might not be worth it … unless you do alot of uploading.

      BTW, do you play online games … if you do, does the ping improve due to the upgrade?

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