iPhone 5 Will Use Nano Sim Card

Hi Folks,

One piece of bad news (at least for me) is that the Apple iPhone 5 Will Use Nano Sim Card instead of the Micro-Sim from the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Just found out about it this morning cos it wasn’t mentioned in the iPhone 5 announcement last night.

Image of Nano Sim Card vs Micro Sim vs Standard Sim

Image of Nano Sim Card vs Micro Sim vs Standard Sim (Photo Credit : Engadget.com)

The last time Apple change from Standard Sim to Micro-Sim, Singtel charge me an additional S$10 per month for switching to their micro-sim multi-sim service (instead of a fixed cost replacement) … just to change a little piece of plastic with a chip on top … no new service/function was added.

I had to revert to back to Standard Sim multi-sim service and cut the SIM down to size just to save that S$10 per month … with no lost of any functionality.

Now I’m not sure what other surprise Singtel would pull to switch us to Nano-Sim multi-sim service.

I do hope they just charge a reasonably replacement cost because that’s what it is … replacing my sim card with a smaller one cos the Nano Sim seems too small to cut down from the Micro Sim.

Not exactly looking forward to this … What do you think?

UPDATE : SingtelĀ USIM/MicroSIM/Nano SIM went up by S$10 again : $10.70 (For 2 SIM cards), $21.40 (For 3 SIM cards), $32.10 (For 4 SIM cards)



  1. Kind of sucks that your provider charges more for the micro-sim cards – like you said, it’s just a piece of plastic with a chip on it, it doesn’t give you any additional capability.

  2. Exactly. These monopolistic, anti competitive tactics makes my blood boil. To think that we live in one of the most advanced Asian economies yet have to be controlled by Telco’s like this. Just came from Singtel, this is 1 day before iP5 launch.. “Sorry sir no info yet”. Then wham! The plans come out- your very fears confirmed, monthly subscription for a piece of plastic. WTF!

    • Hey Zhu,

      Looks like Singtel did it again … now it’s $32.10 (For 4 SIM cards). :(

      • Hi James,

        Looks like we have 2 choices… pony-up or if you don’t mind braving a SIM surgical procedure & sharp instruments:- http://www.iphonezen.com/nano-sim.html


        QUESTION: do you know if the Nano SIM will be available in Singtel shops tomorrow, 21 Sept?


        • Hey Zhu,

          I’ll wait a while before getting the iPhone 5 … probably by November. By then, there should be a lot of solutions for resizing the micro-sim to nano-sim.

          The nano-sim should be available at Singtel Shop tomorrow … the big question is whether they will be willing to replace your current micro-sim with one. šŸ˜›

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